Should be Profound

Well, I feel as though this first post on my sparkling new style wiblog should be profound and meaningful.  It might not be that, but at least it can mark the new start and rather a time lapse since my last post.

So, what can I tell you?  I’m starting a week’s holiday today – or I will be when I’ve got the last remaining things I needed to do, done!  That’s proving to be much slower than I hoped as I’ve had a rotten headache all morning.

So hopefully, this week will provide me with opportunities to catch up with a few things and get out and about a bit.  I did manage to get out and about on my day off on Friday.  I met a friend over at Hatfield House (actually, the grounds of) for the Christmas Craft Fair.  The fair itself was very good, but the most memorable thing for me (as well as seeing my friend of course) was the drive through the grounds of the house to get to the field where the marquee was.  The lane through was lined with trees and the leaves had turned wonderful golden shades of orange and yellow – and the ground was carpeted too.  It was beautiful.

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