Ten Things

1.  I am still here

2.  I am still probably not all there… but in a good way!

3.  Spurs are still the greatest football team – they just hide it well.

4.  The number of hours I have spent in our local A&E and fracture clinic has increased again due to another TeenSon rugby injury.

5.  The cat is sitting on my lap.

6.  I do not want to be a Bishop.

7.  I do want to be a long distance lorry driver sometimes.

8.  I am about to eat some cheese on toast (gluten free of course).

9.  I will think about all the people who love me tomorrow even though there’s not one in particular and no slushy stuff.

10.  You lot are wibbling wonderful. 😀

3 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. Love the new blog! envy you the cheese on toast – I am now wheat, dairy and soya free 🙁 You’d think I’d lose weight, wouldn’t you, but no…

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