Writing in the dust!

Thank you for the welcome back comments… it’s nice to be back!  I was just thinking (having already mentioned the dust that’s gathered around here through long neglect) that it’s a good thing someone hasn’t come along and written in the blog-dust, like you might on a dirty car!  I wonder what it’d say if they had!   [Nope… after some pause I didn’t come up with anything amusing or post worthy!]

So, perhaps a little update is called for… another 10 things….

1. I still support Spurs (of course) and am rather chuffed that Harry’s staying for another 3 years.
2. Vicaring is hectic but a real joy.
3. I am supposed to be doing housework at this very moment, that being an exotic way to spend my day off (does cleaning the dust off here count?).
4. I love the prayer conversation we get to hear between Adam (The vicar in ‘Rev.’) and God.  I haven’t watched the latest episode yet though.
5. Five is the new 10 as at this moment I can’t think of anything else to tell you so the others will have to follow in the next installment when I think of something vaguely interesting to say!

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