Getting things done

Having seen a variety of ‘time management’ and ‘anti-procrastination’ type helps in various places I thought I’d put together my own little ‘help’ list…

1.  Hide laptop, mobile and other technical type gadgets.

2. Get off bum.

3. Make a list of the actual things that need doing.

4. Do one of them.

5. Do another one of them.

6. Do the rest of them until the list is full of ticks or crosses or lines through (you can decide on your own method for this bit).

7. Reward efforts with a nice cup of tea.

I hope you find this insightful resource as life changing as all the other ones you come across promise to be!


3 thoughts on “Getting things done

  1. 3a. Make first item on list “Write list.”
    3b. Finish writing list
    3c. Cross of first item
    3d. Feel satisfaction of one less item on list!

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