Less of the deep and meaningfuls!

Yes, no more of the ‘poetic attempts’ for a while… instead… have you ever seen those T-shirts that say: “Jesus may love you but I think you’re an a*sehole”?!  The first time I came across that I did have to smile to myself!  I am a Christian, I try and love my neighbour, be nice (not that niceness is necessarily what it’s all about), bless those who curse me and all that.  But you know it’s not so much being ‘cursed’ that provides the challenge – I don’t think that happens too much – it’s more “bless those who irritate you” that is more of a necessity.  I posted on my other blog about those kinds of minor irritations but I reckon the challenge is to love the people who seem to fit that T-shirt bill, and of course to become less and less one of them myself – with a bit of help from above!