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Trawling through the archives

I’ve just been randomly wandering through the archives of this blog and came across a ‘poem’* I wrote over a year and a half ago.  Other than the fact that it’s Tuesday afternoon rather than Monday morning – not much has changed!  Well, I am in a different church and town now, and I didn’t bring blessing to anyone yesterday – it was the first day of my week off and I felt rough.  Maybe there was a bit of blessing on Sunday in all my efforts instead?  Interesting looking back, isn’t it.

It’s Monday morn
and I’m sitting with tea,
the radio’s on
and I’m thinking with glee…
that though I get ratty
when I can’t change the world,
yesterday brought blessing
for one I upheld.

I wonder what God thinks
when I’m carried away,
with Razorlight singing
and chocolate; he’d say?
“It might not be worship,
in wonder and praise
but that stuff does bring joy
to most of your days!”

I do get quite knackered
but I musn’t say that!
My mum doesn’t like it
and would give me a slap;
I drive myself potty
with chaos and mess,
preferring things sorted
and then I don’t stress.
But I’ve never quite managed
to be all I could be…
perhaps I will look back
and see what God sees?
Recognition of good things, pleased with my days?
But it might take a long time
knowing me and my ways!

*Poem in inverted commas as I’m not sure I have the nerve to call my strings of words poems!